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Georgia ranks tenth in the nation for the number of bicycle fatalities. 

A cyclist group in Albany is dedicated to making sure that safety is a top priority for cyclists and motorists. They want drivers to give cyclists enough room, three feet exactly, to enjoy the roads.   

Lisa Kendrick joined Cycleworld's beginner cycling group not only for her health but to also learn the rules of the road.   

"We have different types of sign languages as far as stopping, when to stop as a group, when cars are passing or about to pass. Making sure we're single file and everything like that," said Kendrick.   

The group meets twice a week cycling 18 mile and 21 mile routes around Albany. Motorists do worry Kendrick and she hopes drivers are obeying Georgia's three feet law when passing. 

  "Motorists need to remember, give us those three feet," said Kendrick.

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Friday, August 18, 2017