Whether on your favorite century or just out for a spin with your friends, group etiquette is essential for keeping the ride safe and enjoyable.


Group Rides follow the Same Rules of the Road as Driving:

Remember, cyclists fare best when they ACT and are TREATED as drivers of vehicles.

Be Predictable:

Others expect you to keep a straight line and constant speed.

Use Signals:

Whether by hand or voice to let others know your intentions.

Give Warnings:

Warn of changes in your direction or speed. Signal "slowing," "stopping," or "left / right turn."

Change Positions Correctly:

Call out "on your left" as you pass. Avoid passing on the right as others do not expect it.

Announce Hazards:

Call out "gravel," "hole," "dogs," or just "obstacle" to inform others that may not see it.

Watch for Traffic:

Call out "car back," "car up," or "car left / right." Cyclists in large groups cannot see traffic, Acknowledge by repeating someone else's call.

Watch Out At Intersections:

Unless course marshals or police are directing traffic, obey all traffic signals. Avoid Groupthink. Just because others ignore traffic signals, does not mean you should too. Do not call "clear." Each cyclist is responsible for his or her own safety.

Leave a Gap for Cars:

Motorists will be less likely to harass you if they can pass large groups in a timely manner, especially on climbs.

Move Off the Road When You Stop:

So you do not interfere with other traffic.

Ride One or Two Across:

Georgia law only permits 2 abreast, not 4, 5, or 6. Passing is easier if slower cyclists move to the right to allow faster cyclists to pass.

Be Careful in Pace lines:

Only pace line in groups you know and that follow pace line rules. If you are not familiar with these rules, do not join a pace line.

Friday, August 18, 2017