Weekday RIDES

We will continue to have a group ride on most Saturdays leaving from Darton (Albany State on Gillionville) at the tennis courts 8am. There are rides most nights at 6pm. Please check social media for any updates.  Click Below on READ MORE LOCAL RIDES

Check the Pecan City Pedalers Facebook group for updates.


As we enter riding season, we are asked often about group rides. Below is a listing of the riding groups and how the average cyclist views them:

A - Always Fas...t...Always Far
B - Better than most at riding fast and far
C - Can ride fast or Can ride far...just Can't do both on the same ride.
D - Don't want to ride that fast or that far
E - Everyone rides faster and farther than me
F - F*$% riding that fast or that F*&$^%* far
G - Gee...look at the new house, Gee...look at how they landscaped their yard...


If you find yourself in the lower half of this list, there is an option for you. If you are new to cycling, have laid off for a while or just want to enjoy an easier pace of life, there is a ride for you.


Links and ride distances of PCP most popular routes;



MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAIL RIDE - Mountain biking is available at Chehaw Park where there is a 12 mile trail with trail head rest room, bike wash, pump track, BMX tracl and shower availability in the campground.  There are memberships available or a daily $3 entrance fee.

BMX RACING -- At the Parks at Chehaw. Call the bike shop at 229-435-1678 for race schedules.

I would be happy to help answer any questions, Sharon Thompson - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Friday, August 18, 2017