The Nut Roll begins at Chehaw Park. Each ride option, 32, 49, 65, and 104 miles, is a progressive loop that takes you through scenic country areas that are mostly flat with just a few rolling hills and then returns you to the Park.  The 104-mile loop will challenge you with several hills.

If you down load one of the maps, please put our EMERGENCY NUMBERS in your phone

Richard Thompson 229-854-1598  /  Sharon Thompson 229-854-1598   / Chehaw Park 229-430-5275

Map with elevation from Connect powered by Garmin Links below (This form does not identify Rest Stops)

The 32-mile loop GREEN follows pleasant country roads to Leesburg, the first rest stop for all ride options.  The route then makes a loop returning to the Park.

The 49-mile loop YELLOW takes you through Lee County farm country returning via Highway 32 to Leesburg.  All loops follow the same route from Leesburg back to the Park.

The 65-mile loop ORANGE travels through the scenic farm country of Lee County and through two horse farms in Terrell County with a rest stop in Bronwood before returning to Leesburg.

The 104-mile loop WHITE leaves Bronwood on a route of gentle hills to the last rest stop at the Welcome Center in Plains. (Home of President Jimmy Carter). From here, it's back to Bronwood on a scenic route of rolling hills and then on to Leesburg.


Map with elevation, que sheets and rest stops from Ride With GPS Links Below 

to downloadable routes from Ride With GPS to load to your device. Remember, distances are approximate.

Please make sure you download (export) the format that best suits your need. Ride With GPS provides 3 different formats.

32 Miles       GREEN MARKING

49 Miles       YELLOW MARKING

65 Miles       ORANGE MARKING

104 Miles     WHITE MARKING


32 mile cue sheet

49 mile cue sheet

65 mile cue sheet

104 mile cue Sheet



Paper Que Sheets with Rest stops and emergency numbers are available day of ride