The name of this Club is Pecan City Pedalers. For the purposes of these By-Laws, the terms 

"Club" and "PCP" refer to the Pecan City Pedalers. 




The Pecan City Pedalers is a non-profit community club, the purpose of which is to promote the 

sport of cycling in the Albany area through monthly meetings, regularly- scheduled Club rides, 

and through a PCP Club website: 





Section 1: Membership is open to individuals and families, particularly in the Albany area, who 

desire to promote the club purpose as set forth in Article II. An individual is considered a 

member in good standing upon payment of current annual dues. 


Section 2: Dues for current members will be due and payable on January 1st of each year. Dues 

for new members will be prorated for the first year at the discretion of the Membership Chairman. 


Section 3: The privileges of membership shall include voting and holding positions in the Club, 

participation in activities, teams, and events limited to Club members, receipt of any Club 

mailings, and any and all other benefits due Club members. 


Section 4: The Pecan City Pedalers may, at the discretion of its officers and members, affiliate 

itself with any organization that will further the purposes of the Club. 




Section 1: The Pecan City Pedalers shall elect the following officers: 



 Vice President 



 Membership Chairman 


 Ride Consultant(s) 

 Race Team Director 

 Green Space Representative 

 Nut Roll Director 


All positions are to be filled at the annual election of officers in January, unless otherwise 

directed by the Club. 


All elected officers shall receive free Club membership during their terms. 



Section 2: Duties of PCP officers are as follows: 


The President shall preside at regular and special meetings of the general membership of the 

Club. The President shall be responsible for the general supervision of Club activities, promote 

and act as spokesperson for the Club, and help to publicize Club activities. 


The Vice-President shall fill in for the President in his/her absence including, but not limited to, 

presiding over meetings as necessary. In the event the President cannot complete his/her term 

the Vice-President shall take over until the next regularly scheduled election. 


The Secretary shall take minutes at regular Club meetings, type them, and read them to Members 

for acceptance or modification at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The Secretary shall keep 

official Club records, including minutes, by-laws and other documents of a non-financial nature. 


The Treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt and disbursement of Club funds and for 

keeping and maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of Club finances. The Treasurer shall 

report the Club's financial status to the Club members at regularly scheduled meetings. The 

Treasurer shall prepare an annual financial report. 


The Membership Chairman shall keep accurate, updated membership records and report general 

membership information to Club members during regularly scheduled meetings and as requested 

for special meetings. 


The Web Master shall maintain an accurate and up-to-date Club website on the Internet for the 

benefit of Club members and other interested parties. 

The Ride Consultant(s) shall be knowledgeable about regular Club routes, shall report problems 

with routes as they become aware of them, and shall be available to provide information on, and 

help with, regular and special event Club rides; actively serves as Nut Roll Ride Coordinator(s) 

and assists the Director when asked or as the need arises. During regular monthly meetings, the 

Ride Consultant(s) will facilitate the scheduling of the following month's Saturday Club rides, 

breakfast rides, and supper plans before the meeting; and will place these rides, and any other 

necessary information concerning them, on the Club website in a timely manner. The Ride 

Consultant(s) will also research monthly area rides and add these to the Club website calendar in 

a timely manner. 


The Race Team Director shall be the liaison between the Race Team and the rest of the Club 

members and make periodic reports of Race activities during Club meetings. He or she should 

provide Racing information to the Web Master. 


The Green Space Representative represents the interests of the Pecan City Pedalers Bicycle Club 

at the Green Space meetings and whenever possible within the community. Regular reports of 

activities should be presented during the Club meetings. 


The Nut Roll Director shall be responsible for coordinating and organizing the Annual Nut Roll 

event. He/She functions as the contact person for all Nut Roll activities. 


Section 3: Any and all active members of the Club are eligible to run for elective office or 

volunteer for official positions as listed above. 


Section 4: Any person eligible to serve may run for office upon nomination from the floor and a 

second. An officer shall be elected upon receipt of a majority of votes cast by active members 

during the regular monthly meeting during which votes are taken. Should no candidate receive a 

majority of votes cast on the first ballot, a run-off election shall be held between the two 

candidates receiving the highest number of votes. 




 Section 1: Regular Club meetings shall be held in the evening of the first Thursday of each 

month unless otherwise announced by the President, as in the event of a holiday falling on that 

date. Members shall be notified of regular meetings through the website and/or e-mails. 


Section 2: Only members present at the meeting shall have the right to vote, as there shall be no 

voting by proxy. The acts of the majority of the members present at a scheduled meeting shall 

be considered the acts of the Pecan City Pedalers, except as otherwise provided by the By-Laws. 


Section 3: Removal of officers for just cause may occur upon a motion at a general membership 

meeting duly made and seconded with a majority vote of those present. Any vacancy created by 

such a removal, or due to other circumstances, shall be filled at the next general meeting as 

provided in Article IV, Section 4, above. 


Section 4: The Executive Committee (refer to Article VI, below) may, at its discretion, appoint a 

temporary replacement for any vacated office, pending an election at the next general 

membership meeting. 


Section 5: Robert's Rules of Order shall be considered to cover circumstances not covered by 

these By-Laws. 




Section 1: The composition of the Executive Committee shall be the following officers of the 

Club, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, along with the person who held the 

position of President immediately prior to the current President. The past President shall serve a 

maximum of one year on the Committee. 


Section 2: The Executive Committee shall meet when requested to do so by the President. 

These meetings shall be separate from regular monthly meetings of the Club. 


Section 3: The responsibilities of the Executive Committee shall include (but are not limited to) 

planning and coordinating Club activities, determining agenda and programs for Club meetings, 

and examination of all expenditures. 


Section 4: Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be open to interested members who wish 

to attend. However, only members of the Committee itself, as designated in Section 1 of this 

Article, may vote. 




Section 1: These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at a 

regular Club meeting. Any proposal to amend these By-Laws must be made a month before the 

meeting at which a vote is taken and must by publicized to Club members. 





Section 1: All Club monies are to be held in bank account(s) established for the Pecan City 

Pedalers, and dispersed at the discretion of the President and/or Executive Committee, for 

designated expenditures including special Club events. 


Section 2: Only the Secretary-Treasurer, the President, and the Nut Roll Director shall have 

authority to withdraw funds from Club accounts. 


Section 3: In the event of the dissolution of the Pecan City Pedalers bicycle club, funds 

remaining in Club accounts and any other assets held by this corporation shall be distributed to a 

designated successor to be determined at the appropriate time. 

Friday, August 18, 2017